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1500 Micron Tissue Biopsy Punch [Model # PUN1500]

1500 Micron Tissue Biopsy Punch
Item #PUN1500
The Zivic 1500 Micron (1.5mm) Tissue Biopsy Punch is a stainless steel instrument ideal for dissection or removal (“punch”) of discrete tissue regions. By enabling the removal of specific brain nuclei, tracts and other subdivisions, biopsy punch applications include dissection for analysis of neurotransmitter concentrations of mRNA levels, preparation of regions prior to acute dissociation for patch recording, and tissue preparation for pharmacological analysis of neurotransmitters and metabolite chances in response to different pharmacological agents.

  • Apparatus enabling the precise collection and biopsy of soft tissues
  • Allows consistent isolation and excision of tissue samples
  • 1500 micron (1.5mm) internal diameter
  • Perfect tool for application of Palkovit’s Punch Technique
  • Expulsion apparatus included
  • Stainless Steel components designed for long-term use
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