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Hamster Brain Matrix
Zivic Hamster Brain Slicers aid in the dissection of discrete regions of the hamster brain. The Zivic Hamster Brain Slicer allows an investigator or research scientist to slice repeatable coronal or sagittal sections of a hamster brain, enabling precise blocking prior to microtome sectioning and the removal of small, reproducible brain regions (i.e. discrete terminal fields or nuclei) for biochemical analysis, such as the determination of neurotransmitter and metabolite concentrations. Individual brain areas may be either dissected or micropunched from the slices formed.

All hamster brain slicers are designed for long-term use and matrices of any given type are identical to insure reproducible sections. Channels are cut at precise intervals ranging from 0.5mm to 3.00mm and are .3mm wide.


- Slice intervals range from 500 microns to 3.00mm

- Matrices available for adult hamster brains and neonatal hamster brains

- Available in Coronal or Sagittal orientation

- All matrices include a central sagittal slice channel, allowing the brain to be split into left and right hemispheres

- Each matrix designed with space for olfactory/brain stem/spinal tissue

- Designed for long-term use

- Matrices of any given type are identical to insure reproducible sections.
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