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Pig Brain Matrix
Zivic Pig Brain Slicer Matrices enable the precise sectioning / blocking of pig brains. Each pig brain slicer matrix is designed with anatomically proportioned cavity dimensions and slice channels spaced at precise intervals, thereby allowing an investigator or research scientist to consistently slice coronal or sagittal sections of a pig brain. Zivic Pig Brain Slicer Matrices enable precise blocking prior to microtome sectioning or the removal of small, reproducible brain regions (i.e. discrete terminal fields or nuclei) for biochemical analysis, such as the determination of neurotransmitter and metabolite concentrations. Individual brain areas may be either dissected or micro-punched from the slices formed. Each matrix is made of high quality, polished aluminum, and is available in two orientations: coronal (slice channels cut perpendicular to the long axis of the brain) and sagittal (slice channels cut parallel to the long axis of the brain). Zivic Brain Slicer Matrices have been the industry standard for more than 30 years.

- Used to create coronal or sagittal slices or sections of the pig brain, with slice widths as narrow as 1.0mm

- Coronal and Sagittal Orientations Available

- Made of Aluminum

- All matrices have a center-sagittal slice channel, which allows the brain to be split into hemispheres

- Capable of accomodating olfactory tissue and brain stem

- Designed for long-term use
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