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Rodent V-Shaped Slicer Matrix [Model # TSV003-1]

Item #TSV003-1
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The Acrylic Rodent V-Shaped Slicer Matrix or Acrylic Rat Spinal Cord Slicer Matrix with 3.0mm coronal section slice intervals allows the histologist or research scientist to dissect, section, or isolate samples from a variety of soft tissues or organs. The characteristic feature of this multi-function matrix is its long "v-shaped" cavity that facilitate the sectioning of rat, mouse, and rodent spinal cords, as well as any other tissue, organ, or sample that would fit into the v-shaped cavity. Thus, the rodent v-shaped slicer matrix enables precise blocking prior to microtome sectioning, and facilitates the excision or isolation of small, reproducible tissue regions for biochemical or histological analysis, such as the evaluation and quantification of infarction.


- Slice intervals spaced 3.0mm apart

- Use this matrix to section the rat spinal cord or similar tissue / organ / sample into slices with thicknesses in increments of 3.0mm

- Use with fresh or preserved heart tissue (or similarly sized rodent tissue / organ)

- Each matrix is identical to insure reproducible sections

- Comes ready to use, with 10 single edge razor blades provided at no additional cost

- Each slicer matrix is made from high-grade, polished acrylic


- General dissection / Blocking of the rat spinal cord or similar tissue

- Sectioning tissue prior to or post staining with agents included TTC or X-Gal-stain

- Repeated isolation of rodent tissue regions for further analysis or slide preparation

- Tissue preparation
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