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Rat Ventral-Side-Down Brain Slicer Matrix [Model # BSF003-2]

Item #BSF003-2
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The Acrylic Zivic "Ventral-Side-Down" Rat Brain Slicer Matrix with 3.0 mm SAGITTAL section slice intervals aids research scientists in the dissection of discrete regions of the rat brain. The distinguishing feature of this matrix is that, unlike standard matrices, it is designed to hold the brain with the brain's ventral side down (i.e. the brain is positioned "right-side-up" rather than "upside-down"). The bottom of the matrix cavity is flat and the brain lies on the bottom surface, leave the top of the brain (dorsal side) exposed. This aids the researcher by allowing the top of the brain to be visually observed prior to, or during dissection. With its anatomically proportioned dimensions and slice channels, this rat brain matrix allows an investigator or research scientist to consistently slice sagittal sections of a rat brain, enabling precise blocking prior to microtome sectioning or the removal of small, reproducible brain regions (i.e. discrete terminal fields or nuclei) for biochemical analysis, such as the determination of neurotransmitter and metabolite concentrations. Individual brain areas may be either dissected or micropunched from the slices formed.


- Slice intervals spaced 3.0mm apart

- Holds brain in a "ventral-side-down" position (i.e. right-side-up) as opposed to the standard matrix "ventral-side-up" positioning

- Use this matrix to section the rat brain into SAGITTAL slices with thicknesses in increments of 3.0mm

- Designed to accommodate for unique anatomical features of the rat brain, including adjacent olfactory/spinal tissue

- Include a central sagittal slice channel, allowing the brain to be split into left and right hemispheres

- Use with fresh or preserved brain tissue

- Matrices of any given type are identical to insure reproducible sections

- Comes ready to use, with 10 single edge razor blades provided at no additional cost

- Made from high-grade, polished acrlyic


- Visual access aided dissection, great when brain injury or modification can be seen from the top or dorsal vantage

- Dissection / Blocking of the rat brain into sagittal sections (or left and right hemispheres)

- Sectioning the rat brain prior to or post staining with agents included TTC or X-Gal-stain

- Repeated isolation of rat brain regions for further analysis or slide preparation

- Tissue preparation
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